About Us

When it comes to the restoration and reconstruction of a home or commercial setting after serious damage, there are plenty of companies to choose from. In this industry, you get to choose between the big guys and the little ones. At Disaster Restoration Solutions, our hope is that you choose us for the quality of our customer service and our unique efficiency to get the job done right. Here at DRS, we are a company that restores and transforms homes. We believe that the consumer of any our services deserves the very best of us and we work hard to make that happens. Over the last decade, Disaster Restoration Solutions has been restoring homes and commercial settings across the country. In vast events, like the disruptive hit of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 or the catastrophic flooding in Louisiana in 2016, DRS has been there through it all.

Disaster Restoration Solutions began in 2012, with hopes to change lives and change the restoration and reconstruction industry. With time, it began hiring only the best experts and technicians with impeccable knowledge on restoration and reconstruction. Today, Disaster Restoration Solutions continues to help communities and their residential and commercial businesses by being there when disaster hits.


Our vision is to continue to assist the Chicagoland area, its surrounding cities and the entire nation during times of catastrophe and disaster. We hope to be there for the businesses and homes that need and request our services at any time of the day. We also hope to continue to assist property owners and/or property managers minimize dew time and prevent further damage to their properties. With this also comes our compromise to assist anyone who request our services, negotiate with insurance companies. Overall, our main goal and vision is to help restore homes and commercial locations in an effective, fast and productive manner. Helping restore, not just homes, but entire communities, is how we show our complete support to those facing disaster.


Ramiro Martinez, CEO and Owner of Disaster Restoration Solutions

Native to the Windy City, Ramiro grew up knowing that he wanted to help entire communities and people. It was at the age of 17 that he took interest in learning more about insurance and insurance companies and how it all had an impact on people’s everyday lives. He took the time to learn how the insurance industry worked; with time, he learned about the restoration industry as well and immediately took interest on the subject. He began working with others, gaining the practice and knowledge he knew he would need, until finally at the age of 27 he decided to go on his own. It was then that he started his very own company and took to himself the responsibility to travel without a limit to help many cities in the U.S with their restoration process.  In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States it became the most expensive storm since Hurricane Katrina, causing a total of $128 billion in damage. During this catastrophic time, Ramiro drove his crew to aid those in need and helped restore homes and commercial settings. Although this was a very catastrophic event, Ramiro has driven his company plenty of other times to help and support properties facing disaster. Hurricanes like Ike and Matthew are other instances in which DRS has traveled to ensure people get the response they deserve.

Today, Ramiro is a father of five who works hard to inculcate his beliefs, his vision and his values to not just his children, but everyone that knows DRS. He has also turned DRS into a family owned company to demonstrate that unity works best when trying to succeed.

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